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Our business practices may be different from what you’re used to in the past. Learn more below.

With ClickFix, you’re not locked into a several-month or year-long contract. We offer services on a month-to-month basis. If you’re unhappy or unimpressed with the results you’re getting, you can fire us the same month with no additional fees. The flip side also applies — if our relationship becomes disrespectful or abusive, we may decide to end things as well.

We primarily work with small businesses. It depends on your expectations.

Generally, no. We do not take on multiple clients offering competing services in the same service area.

This works on a first-come, first-served basis. If you choose to work with us, you lock down your service area. If you’re interested in working with us but we already have a client in your service area offering competing services, we unfortunately will not be able to work together.

An exception can be made for businesses with more than two locations or “friendly competitors” — if both parties are okay with it, then we are too.

After you contact us, we will set up a call to learn more about your business. Assuming we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll then send an agreement detailing the scope of work, payment, and expectations. Once both parties have signed, we’ll issue an invoice and begin work upon payment.

Next, we will send you a thorough onboarding document that details the information and resources we need to deliver a satisfactory product and maximize your marketing results. We may ask to have another call requesting more information if the onboarding document is insufficient.

Once we have everything we need, expect radio silence while we set up your website and analytics strategy.

When we’re done, depending how your services are structured, we’ll either send everything over to you or schedule a screenshare to review and get your feedback. After any revisions, we’ll issue a second invoice for the completion of your website and / or analytics strategy setup, send everything live, then begin monthly marketing.

The entire onboarding process takes roughly 6 weeks, but can take longer depending on the season and if we experience any unexpected roadblocks with your account.

Our primary method of communication is email. We ask to schedule phone calls in advance so we have time to review your topic and get every necessary team member included on the call as well.

If you decide to cancel marketing services, we can send your website files to whoever you decide to work with next. Please note that, if you discontinue services with us entirely, you or your next service provider will become fully responsible for website maintenance including troubleshooting if your website goes down, conducting regular backups, monitoring for security hacks, and so on.

Your website files, Google services including Google Workspace, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Business Profile and any other directly-claimed local citation profiles that we help set up for you are yours to take with you. Any advertising accounts will remain ours — our marketing strategy works because we rely on aggregating advertising data across accounts, so while we give you limited access to your advertising accounts for the duration in which you do marketing services with us, we retain this data if or when you leave.

Please notify us via email. We will finish out the month in which we receive your cancellation email.


We never set out to be a web design company. We started building websites because our clients needed them.

It depends what you mean by “custom”. We have made — and are constantly refining — themes depending on the size and services offered by our clientele. Brand messaging, color schemes, and images are personalized to provide a unique feel for your business. Some additional customizations can be done for a fee on top of your program price. But at the end of the day, we are marketers first and web designers second. If you want a truly, 100% custom website design, you need to contact a web design agency. — just be prepared to pay 3 times as much (or more) for it.


No, you cannot just get a website. This is a marketing company and the website is for us both to get better results. Websites are only built if needed if not then we can start with marketing straight away.

It depends. We’ll take a look at your current website but may recommend starting fresh.
We highly recommend providing at least some images for your website (that you have the legal authority to use — do not supply images for which you do not own or have permission to use). People like seeing real, local photos. The more images you provide, the better the final result will be. However, if you do not have any, we have a wide variety of high quality stock photos available.
No. During the onboarding process, we gather all of the information we need to write your website content for you. If you’re unhappy with the content we have written, we may ask for your feedback on how to improve it. Unfortunately, we are not mind readers, so we rely on your feedback to fine-tune the messaging to match your company voice.

You do. Some digital marketing agencies will buy your domain for you to make your life easier, then hold it hostage when you try to leave. It’s a little inconvenient, but we will not buy your domain for you. If you don’t have a domain already, we recommend buying your domain through Hover.


We’re obsessed with getting you the best results for your marketing budget. We don’t care about trends or fluffy metrics like “impressions”. We’re focused on getting you more customers, period. Everything else is just noise.

We offer the chance to only get SEO or only get Google Ads. However we highly recommend getting both for best results.

Do NOT expect fast results. SEO takes a couple of months to get going, and that is why we recommend getting Google Ads aswell.

You can expect results relatively quickly that get better overtime with the data we produce.

However, if you decide to stop Google Ads all your website traffic is gone. Thats why we recommend getting SEO as well.

We use Google Analytics to track your website’s performance. All marketing accounts receive a report every month explaining everything.
It depends what you mean by results. Seasonality can have a major impact on the timing of results. Google Ads start working soon after we turn them on. SEO typically takes 3 – 6 months to start seeing results. The most noticeable improvements are seen year-over-year.

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